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Anodizing/Hard Anodizing

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Exceptional-quality anodizing solutions are offered to enhance the appearance, durability and corrosion resistance of metal surfaces. We offer colored, regular, and hard anodized coatings. Our ISO-certified workshop is equipped with large anodizing tanks of varied dimensions to perform neat and flawless anodizing jobs. We anodize parts and components for the automotive, military, aerospace, and electronics industries.

Aluminum anodizing is an environmentally-safe process, in which a layer of aluminum oxide is formed electrochemically over the surface of aluminum. Anodized aluminum has a stronger surface and hence, is considered as a popular alternative to steel in manufacturing applications.

Hard anodizing produces a more uniform and thicker coating of aluminum oxide than regular anodizing. It facilitates deeper penetration and resists damage from abrasive machining processes.

We offer colored anodizing on the 6000 and 7000 series grades of aluminum. Anodizing on magnesium is also offered.

Our anodized products display excellent durability, and wear, weather, and corrosion resistance characteristics. Anodized coatings serve as reliable primers for secondary coatings.

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Anodizing/Hard Anodizing Capabilities

Anodized Coatings
Hard Anodizing
Tank Dimensions
Two anodizing tanks
Hard anodizing tank
6 X 3 X 3 ft deep
4 ft X 30"
Materials 6000 and 7000 series Aluminum
Professional Associations Member of the NASF (National Association for Surface Finishing)
QC Process & Certification ISO-certified Job Shop
Industries Served
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