The Plating Industry Goes Green

In recent years, businesses and consumers alike have been focusing more and more on the environment and sustainable practices in business—for good reason. The planet on which we live, the health of its air, food, and species, and the ways we can protect it all affect us and our children. In the plating industry, the focus on greener practices is an important topic of conversation and one more and more companies are, thankfully, considering.

Specific to our company, we have an ongoing commitment to being responsible, which includes recycling and reusing all possible waste streams and ensuring our personnel are trained in the most responsible practices.

In the industry as a whole, there has been an increasing effort on responsibility, which includes the switch to trivalent chromium in zinc plating. As a rule, most zinc plating has to have chromate for corrosion protection. In the past, hexavalent chromium was used, but it was found that hexavalent chromium has carcinogenic properties. It was found that trivalent chromium, a good replacement, not only doesn’t have the cancer-causing agents, but is more environmentally-friendly. It’s also easier to treat waste with this type of chromium in it, and it leads to longer-lasting products, which in general is more environmentally-responsible. Using this type of chromium for zinc plating and aluminum anodizing is better for people, the planet, and, of course, business. It’s a win/win.

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