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Our passivation services adhere to military quality standards and ensure surface enrichment of stainless steel parts after passivation. Exogenous iron and iron compounds are removed using citric and nitric acid passivation processes. We deliver passivation services to a broad range of industries including aerospace, automotive, military, and electronics.

Passivation is done as a post-fabrication process to remove iron particles, shop dirt, free iron, and metal chips from stainless steel surfaces. Parts are first thoroughly cleaned and later subjected to acid bath treatments. Alkaline solutions or solvents are used to clean and remove metallic and organic deposits.

A truly passive surface with enhanced corrosion resistant properties can be obtained using our passivation services. The citric acid passivation process is versatile, environmentally safe, requires less maintenance and can be performed easily. Our nitric acid passivation processes remove light iron contamination from stainless steel surfaces.

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Passivation Capabilities

Passivation Types Citric acid passivation
Nitric acid passivation
Volume 1C
2C up to 1000 C
Tank dimensions 3 cubic ft
150 gallons
300 series stainless steel
400 series stainless steel
High nickel stainless steel
Professional Associations Member of the NASF (National Association for Surface Finishing)
QC Process & Certification ISO-certified Job Shop
Industries Served
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