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Polishing and Buffing

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A diverse range of polishing and buffing services are offered at Electroplate-Rite Corp. to meet the specific requirements of customers. Buffing and polishing are performed as post-fabrication processes to induce shine and texture in parts. Our job shop is equipped with all the equipment indispensable to undertaking any type of buffing and polishing job.

Our polishing services extend from bead blasting and tumble blasting to vibratory deburring and finishing. Buffing and polishing operations utilize abrasive wheels and compounds to erode jagged areas and produce reflective surfaces. We utilize eight different buffing wheels in our process to ensure an evenly polished end product.

Parts subjected to machining operations such as injection molding and grinding are prone to rugged edges, which can be effectively removed by polishing and buffing. All kinds of visible surface contaminants such as rust, dirt, and old paint layers are effectively removed using our processes.

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Polishing and Buffing Capabilities

Polishing and Buffing Types
Bead blasting
Vibratory finishing
Tumble blasting
Part Specifications Bead blasting up to 30 square inches
Equipment List 8 buffing wheels
Professional Associations Member of the NASF (National Association for Surface Finishing)
QC Process & Certification ISO-certified Job Shop
Industries Served
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