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Rack Plating

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We possess capabilities for undertaking automated rack plating to address the diversified plating needs of our customers effectively. We have robust facilities to perform rack plating with materials such as silver, copper, nickel, brass, zinc, tin, and chrome. Our facility includes large plating tanks of different capacities suitable for individual plating processes.

We offer zinc, zinc iron plating; yellow, clear, trivalent chromating on aluminum; cyanide and acid copper plating; dull and bright tin plating. The parts to be rack plated are arranged on coated metal racks and fixed using screws, spring fingers, or wires according to their size, weight, and configuration. They are either plated completely or selectively by masking the areas that do not require plating.

Rack plating is the most preferred choice of plating specific parts that are intricate. Bright finishes with excellent bonding ability, conductivity, ductility, and corrosion resistance are obtained using our zinc plating and chromating processes. Our environmentally safe, protective chromate coatings when applied on zinc-plated parts prevent white corrosion and enhance their aesthetic appearance.

Car parts, motorcycle parts, silverware, lamps, guns, gun parts, and numerous other items can be plated in our rack lines to the different metal finishing you desire. We specialize in show quality to give you the best possible finish.

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Rack Plating Capabilities

Plating Types
Copper (Cyanide and Acid)
Yellow, trivalent and black chromate
Dull and bright tin
Clear chromating
Electroless nickel
Tank Dimensions
Plating Material
Cyanide copper
Acid copper
Dull and bright tin
Yellow, clear, and trivalent chromating on aluminum
Clear chromating
Trivalent chromating
6 X 6 X 3 ft
5 X 2 X 3 ft
4 X 3 X 3 ft
4 X 3 X 3 ft
5 X 3 X 3 ft
4 X 3 X 3 ft
8 X 3 X 4 ft
6 X 3 X 3 ft
6 X 3 X 3 ft
12 X 3 X 5 ft
Automotive parts and components
Fasteners and assemblies
Electronic parts
Professional Associations Member of the NASF (National Association for Surface Finishing)
QC Process & Certification ISO-certified Job Shop
Industries Served
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