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Zinc Phosphating

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Our zinc phosphating services strictly adhere to military standard specifications. Our job shop accommodates large zinc phosphating tanks, which yield smooth, uniform coatings on metal surfaces. Automotive, aerospace, military, and electronics industries use our zinc phosphating services extensively.

Zinc phosphate coatings are electrochemical conversion coatings used in applications that demand high corrosion resistance. We are equipped with two zinc phosphating tanks with depth of about 4/3/30 inches.

Zinc phosphating is generally conducted as a pre-treatment process over the surface of iron and steel parts prior to painting. They function as oil-based corrosion inhibitors. Low-porosity, fine-grained zinc phosphate coatings act as excellent paint bases and reduce paint consumption substantially. Light to medium, non-reflective gray finish with appealing appearance is obtained using our zinc phosphating services.

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Zinc Phosphating Capabilities

Tank dimensions
Two zinc phosphating tanks 4 X 3 X 30" deep
Fasteners (nuts, bolts, and screws)
Gun parts
Car parts
Professional Associations Member of the NASF (National Association for Surface Finishing)
QC Process & Certification ISO-certified Job Shop
Industries Served
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